Reliable Tenants

Find reliable tenants for your property

The most important and time-consuming task a property manager performs is finding suitable tenants for your property. All tasks are performed and executed flawlessly and efficiently.

Timely rental payments

This task involves regularly logging onto your internet banking to check that the tenants have paid their rent on time. Additionally, a property manager must keep a record of all rental payments received during the tenancy period.

Timely Payments

Regular property inspections

Generally, properties are inspected every 3-4 Months. All inspections can be customized to any needs.

Issue and dispute resolution

Regularly keep in contact with each of the tenants to ensure everything is going well. Additionally, respond and resolve any issue or disputes that arise.



Organizing all general repairs and scheduling maintenance to be completed. Additionally, in the event of an emergency such as an earthquake, it is our responsibility to visit the property to ensure the well being of the tenants as well as the property.